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Service Update – Australia, USA & Europe

Here are this week’s international incidents and updates as provided by the postal authorities in the countries concerned.

Date: 5th December 2018

Australia: We are continuing to see delays to Australia due to poor weather conditions.

USA: Due to the death of the 41st President, delivery is being suspended in America today (5th). Delivery is expected to return to normal on 6th.

Europe: We are still seeing delays across Europe due to strike action in France and poor weather conditions.

Service Update – Australia & Belgium

Here are this week's international incidents and updates as provided by the postal authorities in the countries concerned.


Date: 2nd November 2018

Due to bad weather and offloads, we have noticed an extended SLA for Australia over the past couple of weeks due to a global shortage with pilots, cabin crew and technicians which is mainly noticeable in Asia.  We are working to arrange alternative routes in to this destination.


CMS Signs High-Value Mailroom and Logistics Deal With Hearst UK

CMS Network – the leading mail, courier and logistics specialist, part of The Delivery Group, has signed a three year, high-value deal with the world leading publishing and events company Hearst UK, for the provision of full mailroom management services at Hearst’s new flagship home in the heart of Leicester Square, Central London. The all-encompassing contract includes the supply of full inbound and outbound mail, UK, International and same day couriers, warehousing and dedicated transport services as a one-stop-shop offering.


Why Direct Mail is Delivering in a Digital Age

Graphic - why direct mail is delivering in a digital age

Rewind a few years to the breakthrough of email as a widespread communication tool.  Many industry experts were convinced that the immediacy and targetability of email would cement its position as the direct marketing technique of choice – to the obvious detriment of more traditional methods such as direct mail. Yet whilst the fortunes of direct mail have fluctuated since email’s arrival, the technique has remained an essential component of the marketing mix.



Service Update – Canada

Here are this week's international incidents and updates as provided by the postal authorities in the countries concerned.

Date 29th November

All embargoes to Canada have been lifted.

However, Canada Post is unable to honour its delivery standards for any product because of the backlogs created by rotating strikes and labour disruptions.

While Canada Post is operational and continues to try to minimize service impacts, there are delivery delays across the country. Right now, there may be delays of up to several weeks for parcels arriving from other countries, but the delays should diminish gradually through December and into the New Year.  However, it may be March 2019 before we are able to meet our normal delivery standards.


Date 1st November

The CUPW Workers continue to hold rotating strikes in locations across Canada.  Meanwhile negotiations are ongoing with the help of a special mediator.

Mail and parcels will not be delivered or picked up in impacted areas. Canada Post is working to restore service and address postal backlogs once the disruption ends.  Canada Post continues to operate across the rest of Canada and is accepting and delivering mail and parcels at all other locations.


CMS Names Mark Calladine as New Managing Director

CMS, part of The Delivery Group, has appointed Mark Calladine as its new Managing Director.

Mark has served as the company’s sales director since 2013 and he begins his new role in the wake of The Delivery Group’s recent management buyout.  Mark has over 20 years’ experience in both logistics and print management solutions and has previously held senior positions at Romax Marketing & Distribution and DHL Global Mail.


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